Paula Del Mas Graphic Designer Florence

Hello! I'm Paula Del Mas an Argentinian graphic designer.

Type Around Florence is an ongoing project I started in 2016 that gathers a serie of illustrations inspired by the typography and lettering from the streets of Florence. It's a collection of type discoveries.

On my derives around the city I collect every typographical element that catch my eye, shop fronts, street signs, inscriptions. I go out searching not only for the beauty but also the rare, strange, and unique gems hidden in the streets.

Why? Because design is everywhere and in everything, and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary is a way for me to keep my eyes fresh and push my creativity every single day. 

The hope is that Type Around Florence can serve as a reminder that the city’s beauty is not only limited to its famous architecture or art, but it can also be found in the overlooked details of our everyday life.

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